Pranav Jain

Software Development Engineer

The Hub

Often times the projects that I've worked on end up in different places across the internet. In an effort to make things more accessible I've placed simple, accessible links here for you to easily navigate through them all!

About Me:
The first link is a reflection of my whole history; a quick synopsis of all my work and what I enjoy doing. It will help you get to know me better.

The second link takes you to my Linkedin page. It will always have an up to date list of my work experience, and related projects there.

The third link takes you to my GitHub page. It contains repositories for most of my coding projects. It will also detail the amount of time I spent on each project.

The final link takes you to my Devpost page. It contains a history of all my big hackathon projects that I've submitted. Click on them to find the purpose, process, product and experience of developing each project.

I hope to continue working on amazing projects in the future, and using this website as a hub for everything I created now, and in the future.